The location

After a careful examination, a territory in the Liezere Parish of the Madona District was selected for the project.  The main factors in choosing this location were the outstanding landscape and terrain, the green and untouched environment, local traditions, and the geographic location of the territory.

Hercogiste bought more than 800 hectares of land for the project and invested more than LVL 1 million therein.


  • To Madona – 38.3 km
  • To Ineši – 15.7 km
  • To Vecpiebalga – 10.1 km
  • To Vestiena – 19.9 km
  • To Sviļi – 17.1 km
  • To Ērgļi – 36. 1 km


The territory is in the Vidzeme Highlands, right in the middle of the Vidzeme countryside.  The Vidzeme Highlands are an outstanding area of natural and cultural landscapes at the Latvian and Baltic level.  They are the largest and most extensive highlands in Latvia, with a great deal of diversity, traditional population structures, a mosaic of fields and forests, many lovely landscapes, and an historical centre which is seen as having the greatest influence on national culture.