An integrated development plan

Co-operation with Happold Consulting and Lighthouse Creative

The consulting firm of Happold Consulting was chosen to help with the preparation of an integrated development plan for the project because of the company’s extensive experience in the area of urban planning.

Happold Consulting works on integrated developmental and construction projects, offers management and strategic consultations, and ensures high-level technical expertise.  The Hercogiste project team includes architects, tourism experts, environmental experts, engineers, landscape architects, and economists.  The team is headed by the experienced specialists Padraic Kelly and Lawrie Robertson.

The integrated development plan includes visions and strategic goals, an examination and analysis of the parameters of the location, an investigation of market potential, a modelling of opportunities, and the preparation of a business plan.


The team has also been joined by experienced consultations from the Lighthouse Creative company, which plans visions and goals and provides consultations from designers and architects.  The architects Chris Miles and Jeffrey Blynderburgh have taken part in several hundred leisure projects around the world, including the SeaWorld water parks and the Universal Studios film studio.

During the first phase of the process, experts from Happold Consulting conducted thorough analysis to assess economics, territorial, environmental, social and other aspects of the project.  Representatives of the company interviewed more than 40 experts from various sectors in Latvia.  After analysing local circumstances and data and conducting expert analysis, Happold drafted proposals for the development of the Eko project.  The company also presented a vision about the driving force for economic development in this location and the development of the relevant social environment, and it also made the first proposals related to infrastructure for the project.  All of the proposals speak to maximum use of the local region’s advantages, conditions and development, always making use of environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.  Hercogiste invested around LVL 500,000 in the development plan.


About Happold Consulting

  • Happold Consulting is a leading strategic and management consultancy in the built environment. We work with public and private sector clients to develop integrated solutions to complex problems bringing together the traditional skills of a management consultancy with those of an engineering, planning and design consultancy to a project.  
  • Happold Consulting is part of Buro Happold, the internationally renowned engineering design practice founded by the visionary engineer Professor Sir Edmund Happold. Ted Happold instilled his personal values in the company and gave us “an attitude to service which is not just about money, but about working for the public good to a code of professional service”. We are deeply committed to our guiding principles and values.
  • The international group of Happold Consulting offers leadership and strategic consulting for the built environment that incorporates the technical expertise of a high level engineering firm and the business and economics skills of a management consultancy to deliver integrated projects.
  • Addressing the complex challenges presented by today’s global cities and regions requires a holistic approach and Happold Consulting has responded to that challenge through integrating creativity and innovation within an evidence-based process. In essence, we develop practical solutions to complex problems and it is our aim to maintain our position at the forefront of innovation in theory and practice for the built environment.
  • We provide strategic consulting services to both public agencies and private organisations throughout the world. Within each of our services, we develop integrated, tailor-made solutions that address a particular client’s need. We provide our clients with innovative, leading edge solutions using new ideas and approaches that are client and site specific.
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